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Which brand of disc brake lock is good?

To ensure the safety of motorcycles and bicycles, it is essential to purchase a quality disc brake lock. Are you familiar with disc brake locks? Which brand of disc brake lock is considered good? And how is the market sales performance of disc brake locks?

A disc brake lock is an anti-theft lock designed for vehicles equipped with disc brakes. Its working principle is to achieve the purpose of anti-theft by inserting the lock tongue into the brake disc hole to prevent the front wheel from rotating.

MAKE is a well-known lock brand. its developed and manufactured disc brake locks have become a hit in the market since their launch. Among them, the representative disc brake lock – MK619, which adopts a ” One Press, Two Modes, Triple Protection” design, is widely used on bicycles and motorcycles, and has received numerous positive reviews from users.

One Press

MK619 utilizes a push-to-lock mechanism. When you press ,you hear a “click” sound and it locks. The operation is simple and easy to master.

Two Modes

MK619 has two alarm indicators representing alarm and non-alarm modes to prevent user misoperation. Both modes can be freely switched based on personal needs, satisfying the user’s individual preferences. Equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor, it can produce a loud alarm. The alarm sound reaches 110-120 decibels, effectively deterring car thieves and protecting vehicle security.

Triple Protection

MK619 features three layers of protection: anti-sawing, anti-prying, and waterproof. It weighs 0.4kg and is made of high-strength zinc alloy, with a painted surface achieving IP55 rating. It is sturdy and durable, dustproof and waterproof, suitable for outdoors.

In addition, MK619 is equipped with a pin tumbler lock, making it difficult to duplicate the key and thus safer. Its classic streamlined design is elegant and distinctive from other disc brake locks on the market. Four color options are available: yellow, black, red, and orange, ensuring there is always one that suits your taste.

Choose MAKE brand for your disc brake lock.



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