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Unraveling the Endurance Mystery of U-lock

When purchasing U-lock, our goal is not only to pursue immediate convenience and efficient use, but also to expect them to be durable and provide lasting comfort and convenience for our daily lives.

The lifespan of a U-lock is determined by a combination of various factors. Let’s delve into the secrets of durability with MK625.

In terms of material, MK625 made of zinc alloy and iron, which ensures the perfect balance of hardness and toughness of the lock. The zinc alloy gives the lock good wear and corrosion resistance, while the iron material ensures the high strength and impact resistance of the lock, and the combination of the two ensures the lock is durable.

In terms of manufacturing technology,MK625 employs galvanizing and chromium plating techniques. These not only enhance the lock’s rust resistance and corrosion resistance but also give it an elegant and attractive appearance. Surface with silicone cover of lock shackle to protect,good wear and waterproof performance.

In terms of usage, MK625 is double open mode, which allows both sides to detach from the lock body,greatly facilitating user convenience.with 5-digit password design, making it easy and fast to use.No more worry for forgetting keys with lock with combination.

In terms of design and construction, MK625 weighs 1.1KG, highlighting its sturdy and solid. It can resist external damagewhile not being too bulky to affect portability. It is suitable for various devices such as motorcycles and bicycles, meeting your different needs.

Additionally, the lifespan of a U-shaped lock also depends on factors such as individual usage frequency, maintenance, and environmental conditions. With MK625 U-lock from MAKE, you can enjoy long-lasting security and convenient experience.




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