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Chain lock MK632 advantages

There are thousands of chain locks on the market, each has its own advantages, and it is easy to choose one, but it is difficult to choose chain lock that suits you.

This article starts from the “inventory of chain lock MK632 advantages ” to give you some reference. You can find a matching chain lock according to the key points and your own needs.

1.Chain design

Structurally, MK632 is mainly composed of a lock head and a fixed metal chain.It weighing up to 3.4kg and is not easy to be moved or shaken, which enhances the stability of fixed objects and anti-theft capabilities.


Chain thickness 10mm, which has strong shear resistance and can effectively resist the damage of professional tools such as hydraulic shear and crowbar.

The length is 1.5 meters, making it easy to wrap and fasten to objects of various shapes, or wrap around multiple items to lock together.

2.Chain process

MK632 is made of high quality steel and zinc alloy, which is strong and durable, more resistant to hammering, cutting and other means of destruction.The surface is treated with galvanizing process to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.


In addition, this chain is with a nylon cover,which is waterproof, dustproof and wear-resistant, and protect bicycles, motorcycles and other items from rust and scratches.

Above is the full content of chain lock MK632 advantages. It is recommended that when you choose a chain lock, you find a balance between anti-theft performance, portability and operability according to actual needs, so as to obtain a good use experience.



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