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What are the types of motorcycle locks?

The motorcycle lock market is filled with wide variety of options, each with its unique advantages. What are the main types? Which one is safer, more user-friendly? How should businesses choose in order to win market reputation?

Classified by material, there are mainly three types of motorcycle locks on the market: chain lock, steel cable lock, and U-lock. This article takes this as an entry point and introduces the advantages of MAKE products, hoping to provide you with some references.

Chain Motorcycle Lock

Chain motorcycle locks from MAKE are primarily made of iron and zinc alloy. The chain is covered with nylon cloth sheath to provide dustproof, waterproof, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The chain is easy winding and travel, making it highly flexible in use. For example, there are alloy chain lock like MK626 and heavy-duty chain lock like MK632.


Steel Cable Motorcycle Lock

Steel cable motorcycle locks from MAKE are primarily composed of steel cable, ABS password digital, and PVC leather tube. It is the lightest one among the three.High strength and toughness steel lock rope with strong resistance to cutting. The PVC leather tube prevents scratches on the motorcycle. For example, the resettable combination locks include MK627.


U-shaped Motorcycle Lock

The U-shaped motorcycle lock from MAKE is made of iron and zinc alloy materials, making it sturdy and solid. With a solid U-shaped design, it supports double unlocking mode, meaning both sides can be unlocked, resisting attacks from knives and levers, resulting in strong anti-theft effects. The surface is covered with a silicone protective case, providing wear -resistant, waterproof, and rust-resistant. For example, there are Mechanical locks MK623 and five-digit combination locks MK625.

These three types of motorcycle locks each have their own advantages, and you can compare them comprehensively to select the one that best suits your personal preferences, needs, and budget. If you prioritize flexibility in use, the chain motorcycle lock may be a better choice. If you value quick and easy operation, the U-shaped motorcycle lock may be more suitable. And if you prefer lightness and portability, the steel cable motorcycle lock might be the right pick.



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