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wholesale Motorcycle/Bicycle Alloy Chain Lock MK626

Item No.:MK626

Main Material:Zinc Alloy,Iron, ABS



Color Options:Yellow/Orange

Applications:Motorcycles, bicycles and other models


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Product Introduction:

Motorcycle/bicycle alloy chain lock MK626, unlocked by mechanical key. With alloy lock cylinder and ABS lock cover, anti-drilling and anti-cutting. Chain is wrapped by high-quality polypropylene soft cloth fabric, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, effectively protecting the bicycle chain from rust and scratches. Make it easy winding and easy to travel.


Product features:

  • Mechanical key to unlock, easier and more convenient
  • Suitable for bicycle, motorcycle, lawn mower and other scenes
  • Yellow and orange two colors are available

What’s a chain lock?
A chain lock consists of hardened metal links creating the chain. The chain is locked with a padlock. The links and chains as a whole vary in size, weight and strength. Usually the more secure chain locks are heavier, but are less portable.

What kind of lock is best for a motorcycle?
With a motorcycle chain lock, you’re almost guaranteed to find a way to lock your bike to something. You’ll also be able to pass it through your frame, which will be difficult or impossible with a u-lock.

Is chain lock good for bike?
A chain lock is usually pretty easy to spot so it will generally deter an opportunist thief merely by being there. The chain links make it quite easy and flexible to use, so you’ll be able to lock your bike to a wider variety of objects.

Are chain locks effective?
Stationary chains are also more difficult to attack with power tools. And they’re not susceptible to the leverage attacks that can defeat U-locks. So they are probably the most secure of all bike locks.

Is chain lock better than cable lock?
A decent chain is better than pretty much any cable lock. Cable locks can be cut with hand tools that fit in your pocket. A decent (but portable) cable needs a long bolt cutter. Possible exception are Litelock Gold thick cable locks, but they weigh similar to a chain.



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