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3-Dial Combination Helmet Lock MK631

Item No.:MK631

Main Material:Steel Cable, Zinc Alloy, PVC

Length:Drawing Length 1.6m


Color Options:White/Green/Red/Black

Applications:Luggage, Helmet, Backpack, Locker


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product description:

MAKE’s portable/password helmet/suitcase/school bag anti-theft lock MK631 is made of steel cable, zinc alloy and PVC materials. 3-digit password to open the lock and thousands of password combinations. 50g compact and portable, can be carried without any weight when traveling or riding. The elastic telescopic steel cable can be stretched to 1.6 meters and has a large locking space. Widely suitable for luggage, helmets, school bags, cabinets, etc.



1)3-dial combination.

2)Long and flexible coil cable for flexible use.

3)Designed to secure suitcases, helmets, school bags, and cabinets.

What is the best way to lock your helmet?
Use a Helmet Lock
1.The best way to lock a helmet on a motorcycle is to buy a special helmet lock. …
2.Most helmet locks come with a metal wire that loops through the helmet. …
3.Once you have a lock, you will need to put it through the chin compartment of your helmet and connect it to the bike frame before securing the lock.

How do I protect my helmet from stealing?
How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Helmet From Being Stolen? Use a sturdy helmet bolt lock, a locking cable, or carabiner clip to lock your helmet onto the bike’s frame or other fixture such as the handlebar.

What is the safest way to lock a motorcycle?
Protect your motorcycle, moped or scooter from theft …
Use a disc lock to help secure the front brake disc, or a grip lock to secure the brake and throttle controls. You could also use a D lock on the front wheel to stop it being wheeled away.



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