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Five digital U-lock MK625

Item No.:MK625

Main Material:Zinc Alloy,Iron

Finished:Zinc plating, chrome plating, Chrome Plating


Color Options:Black

Applications:Motorcycles, bicycles and other models


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Product Introduction:

MAKE’s anti-theft/double open/five password U-lock, made of zinc alloy and chrome plating. Surface with silicone cover of lock shackle to protect, good wear and waterproof performance. Just rotate the digital to open the lock without any keys. Bike lock combination for security of your motorcycle, electric scooter, gate. No more worry for forgetting keys with scooter lock with combination.


Product features:

1) Solid lock shackle, 5-dial combination

2) Silicone U-lock, double opening mode

3) Wear-resistant and anti-rust

4) Suitable for motorcycles, bicycles and other models, one lock multi-purpose

Is a U lock better than a chain lock?
The u-lock provides a similar level of toughness and protection to the foldable chain. However, it is much cheaper, and it is lighter. The lighter chain means that you can more easily transport it and carry it around, without feeling any weight.

Can bolt cutters cut a U lock?
Medium sized bolt cutters (18 and 24″) are often carried beneath a long coat, hanging from a piece of rope around the thief’s neck. They’ll defeat weaker chains, u-locks and folding locks… The biggest bolt cutters (36 and 42″) are usually only used by serious bike thieves.

Do bike thieves use angle grinders?
Angle grinders are a popular tool used by bike thieves to cut through locks and steal bikes. They are powerful and can easily cut through even the strongest locks. To avoid falling victim to this technique, consider investing in a lock made of hardened steel or titanium.

What is the U lock mechanism?
U-locks consist of a U-shaped hardened steel shackle, usually encased in plastic and connected to an elongated lock body. Because of this shape, they are also known as D-locks in the UK.

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