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MAKE Won The Lock Design Industry Award!

On December 15th, the “29th National Lock Industry Information Exchange Conference” and the 3rd “Golden Hook Award” China Lock and Craft Equipment Design Competition Awarding Ceremony hosted by China National Hardware Association was grandly held in Shenzhen.


As one of the professional industrial locks and commercial locks integrated service providers in China, MAKE M1 lock stands out among many excellent products and wins the “Golden Hook Star” award.

It is reported that the third “Golden Hook Award” China Lock and Craft Equipment Design Competition started in April 2019. After 6 months of solicitation of works, a total of 837 works were solicited, which were scored by review experts from the organizing committee. In the end, 36 pieces were awarded with the Golden Gob Award, 19 pieces with the Golden Gob Star Award and 7 pieces with the Golden Gob Supreme Award.


As an authoritative, fair and influential design award in the field of locks and process equipment in China, the Golden Hook Award is of great significance in leading the development of Locks industrial design in China, actively promoting technological innovation in the industry, and further improving product quality.


This time MAKE M1 can stand out among many brands and win the “Gold Hook Star” award, which is not only the authoritative certification of MAKE lock products, but also the affirmation of MAKE’s strength and influence.



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