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MAKE disc brake lock, fully protects cycling safety

In the motorcycle riding enthusiasts, a motorcycle is not only a means of transportation, but also a companion. As an important part of ensuring the safety of your car, disc brake locks have become the patron saint of countless cyclists with their unique design and excellent protective performance.

The disc brake lock, as its name suggests, is designed based on the disc brake system of a bicycle. It combines the lock with the disc brake to effectively secure the entire bicycle. Compared with traditional U-shaped locks and chain locks, the locking target of disc brake locks is more concealed and difficult to be directly touched by destruction tools, which greatly improves the anti-theft performance.


MK619 is an alarm disc brake lock launched by MAKE. Different from the method of turning a key to unlock, MK619 can be locked by gently pressing between your fingers. The lock cylinder adopts a precision anti-theft blade structure, with a large number of key combination, which has outstanding anti-theft and anti-destruction properties.

disc brake lock

MK619 has alarm and non-alarm modes. Users can set the required modes according to their own usage scenarios, making the applicable scenarios more diverse. In the alarm mode, MK619 will alarm at the touch, with a sound of up to 110-120db, which is equivalent to the sound of a siren. The alarm sound lasts for a long time , allowing thieves to escape after hearing the “sound”.


MK619 disc brake lock is made of high-strength stainless steel material. The lock bolt has a diameter of 10mm and has high resistance to damage from external forces such as smashing, prying, and sawing and difficult to break open violently. The lock has an IP55 waterproof and dustproof rating (two “5”s indicate that it can protect against dust and water respectively to avoid damage to the lock) and can withstand the test of harsh weather and environments.

Whether it is a long-distance adventure or a daily commute, having the MK619 disc brake lock is like building an invisible solid barrier for your motorcycle to protect your cycling life.



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