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The “Five Protection” Features of Wheel Clamp lock

Wheel clamp locks, also known as wheel locks, wheel boots, or parking boots, are similar to the clamps used by traffic supervisors and parking inspectors to immobilize improperly parked vehicles. They can be used on various vehicles, including RVs,camping cars,cars, trucks, trailers, SUV, and trailer.

When users use the wheel clamp lock , they expect it has five essential functions:anti-dismantling, anti-movement, anti-scratching, anti-rusting,and anti-theft.These functions provide effective protection for the wheels at the physical level, ensuring their safety.

MK661 recommended by MAKE, is equipped with the “five protection” features and serves as an indispensable security device for vehicle administrators. It greatly assists them in smoothly carrying out their work.


The lock mechanism is often the focal point for thieves to attempt to pry open or damage. MK661 wheel clamp lock’s key mechanism is securely housed within a steel structure, significantly increasing the difficulty of prying the lock. This ensures the tire, rim, and wheel cannot be easily removed.


The multi-hole locking position adjustment makes the locking more precise, safe and not easy to loosen, ensuring the tire is fixed and not moving. MK661 suitable for wheel widths ranging from 175mm to 245mm。


Soft PVC-coated rubber jaws effectively prevent tire scratches.


To cope with complex and ever-changing outdoor environments, the surface of the lock has undergone multiple spray painting and impregnation treatments to prevent rust and corrosion.


MK661 is made of high-quality solid steel structure that can withstand forces up to 3,500 pounds. It is equipped with an anti-pry lock, making it difficult for thieves to remove even with the use of electric tools. In addition, through eye-catching red and warning yellow, it shows strong deterrence.

The “Five Protection” Wheel clamp lock MK661 makes managing your vehicle easier!



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