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How strong is the anti-theft ability of cable lock?

Cable lock is mainly suitable for bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Facing the complex social environment and varying weather conditions, what kind of problems are prone to occur? When you enter the keyword ” cable lock” in the browser,the information is displayed like this:

How do you pick cable lock?

Is cable lock easy to cut?

How do you open cable lock if you lose the key?

What should I do if I forget the password for my cable lock?

Is cable lock safe?

How do you use cable lock?

It can be seen that users often encounter these problems when using cable locks. This is also an aspect that enterprises need to pay attention to when purchasing cable locks. Based on this current situation, MAKE has carefully crafted MK628 by starting from various aspects such as research and development, manufacturing, and design, providing enterprises with cable locks that are popular with users.

MK628 weighs 0.23kg and consists of steel cable material and ABS password digital. The steel cable has a diameter of 17.2mm for strong cut resistance, effectively preventing theft from cutting or damaging it using tools. The surface of the steel cable is wrapped with a layer of PVC coating, ensuring the long-term stability of the lock under harsh environments and preventing a decrease in its anti-theft performance due to rust or corrosion.

The lock head adopts digit combination lock, which has good impact resistance and anti-prying performance,increasing the difficulty of prying the lock. The embedded anti-theft lock cylinder has a high security level and is not easily unlocked by technology, reducing the risk of being pried.

MK628 is designed with 4-dial security for keyless convenience, allowing users to set personalized passwords to enhance its anti-theft performance, while completely eliminating the worry of forgetting to bring the key. It also features a password reset function. If the password is leaked or there are concerns about security, a new password can be immediately changed, increasing the security of ABS password digital.

With multiple layers of protection, MK628 cable lock is forged with superb anti-theft capabilities. Choose cable lock, choose MK628.


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